back in japan

keep your fingers crossed - I'll be back in Japan this year -
bringing our performance "feed and bleed"

NSFW brutal beauties

we had a very joyful showing of our long duration dance film with the snails in residenzgalerie on saturday. thanks for being with us.

just stumbled upon this


we are back from Graz. was nice to be guest at
 ELEVATE FESTIVAL and chatting with Herr Hermes...
and meeting other nice people!
Although we didn't win the price we were so happy about the nomination.
was a big honor!

about: beauty in japanese language

the japanese language knows many words for "blood".
but one is especially beautiful:

in kana: かえり・ち
in romaji: kaeri·chi

in english: Blood of the enemy that hits you when you slay him with the sword.
in german: Blut des Gegners, das einen trifft, wenn man ihn mit dem Schwert niederstreckt.

PS: it's also nice to do a google image search on this word ;-)

frozen lightbulbs

this is a glimpse on a stage design i did for Astrid Seidler and Pascale Staudenbauer at Toihaus Theatre.
The lightbulbs were frozen in water melting and crashing down into drinking glasses during the performance.